NYC  Council  Priority  Contact  List Against Bill #371

Which regulates the advertising, signage, and speech of only pro-life centers in NYC, and regulates no abortion facilities.

There are 51 City Council Members. Below are about half that we have selected for focus of our calls and emails. Please make 5 calls and 5 emails per day, Monday through Friday.


 B     Diana Reyna*                  34      718-963-3141

 R     Letitia James*                  35      718-260-9191

 O    Erik Dilan                       37       718-642-8664

 O    Mathieu Eugene              40       718-287-8762 

 K    Darlene Mealy                 41       718-953-3097

 L    Charles Barron                42       718-649-9495

 N     Vincent  J. Gentile         43        718-748-5200

      Domenic M. Recchia, Jr.   47      718-373-9673

      Jumaane D. Williams        45       718-629-2900


B     G. Oliver Koppell*            11       718-549-7300

R     Larry Seabrook                12      718-994-9900              

O    James Vacca                    13      718-931-1721

N     Helen Foster*                    16      718-588-7500

X     Annabel Palma*                18       718-792-1140

     Maria del Carmen Arroyo* 17      718-402-6130


M    Robert Jackson                 7       212-928-1322             

A    Melissa Mark-Viverito*         8      212-828-9800

N    Ydanis Rodriquez*              10      917-521-2616


SI    Deborah Rose*                  49      718-556-7370



Q    Peter Koo                          20     718-888-8747

U    Mark  Weprin                    23      718-468-0137         

E    James F. Gennaro             24      718-217-4969   

E     Daniel Dromm*                 25       718-803-6373

N     Ruben Wills                      28       718-528-5712

S      James Sanders, Jr.          31        718-527-4356


For Additional Council Members Contact info go to


* A Council member co-Sponsor of Bill #371.


                     NYC CITY COUNCIL Bill #371                      Pro-Life TALKING POINTS:


We Concerned Citizens of New York City and other areas, FLATLY REJECT BILL #371 which amounts to a one-sided, unconstitutional DISCRIMINATION BILL AGAINST NON-PROFIT LIFE CENTERS, which boldly panders to the self-serving wishes of NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

WE CALL UPON Speaker Christine Quinn, the "Women's Issues Committee," the Bill's 23 Co-Sponsors, the entire New York City Council, and Mayor Mike Bloomberg  to:


 (Proof? On January 28th, 2011, a Federal Judge, Marvin Garbis, ruled Baltimore’s CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Center) regulation Bill unconstitutional based on its violation of the First Amendment rights of the pregnancy centers. Christine Quinn and the NY City Council are ignoring this ruling.)

2. ADMIT THERE ARE NO RECORDED COMPLAINTS in the city records, and no CPC has ever been the target of a single lawsuit in New York City History. (The same cannot be said of the NY abortion industry, with hundreds of recorded patient deaths and injuries and subsequent lawsuits over the past four decades. New York City and State have never moved to pass legislation to protect women from unscrupulous and incompetent abortion providers, who are willing and able to aid and abet child prostitution (i.e. Recent Live Action Videos, and rarely or never report child rape, and exploitation.)

3. APPLAUD THE GREAT FREE SERVICES OF OUR NY CPCs, giving tens of thousands of annual hours by selfless staff and volunteers, who provide needy women and girls thousands of referrals for emergency and long-term housing, job placement, adoption services, food and material supplies, immigration and legal aid, as well as emotional, spiritual, and therapeutic support rarely, if ever offered by abortionists. (Additionally most CPC’s offer pregnancy tests, some offer on-site prenatal care, sonograms, post-delivery support of new mothers, and family counseling rather than destroying their child in the womb as the only principle NYC abortion facility option.)

4. EMBRACE A TRUE CHOICE FOR WOMEN IN CRISIS by supporting the Crisis Pregnancy Centers who provide pre-natal care, counseling, and material resources for women in need, giving them the chance to choose Life over abortion.  Considering the NYC abortion rate is a very sorry 41%, 60% for blacks, and 48% in the Bronx, we need more help for women.

5. REQUIRE ABORTION MILLS TO WARN & POST RISKS of the many scientifically verified complications of abortion***  and warn women they cannot get pre-natal care, and material support for their

6.  PROTECT NY’s CHILDREN FROM CHILD PREDATORS, AND RAPISTS.  Due to fundamental flaws in the Confidentiality Requirements Section of Bill #371, CHILD PREDATORS, RAPISTS and PIMPS cannot be turned over to public authorities under this Bill.  Planned Parenthood has shown its willingness to aid and abet and not report clear child exploitation in the recent Live Action videos.

****** Approximately 10% of women undergoing elective abortions suffer immediate complications, and 2% suffer complications considered life threatening.  The nine most common major complications which can occur at the time of an abortion are: infection, excessive bleeding, embolism, ripping or perforation of the uterus, anesthesia complications, convulsions, hemorrhage, cervical injury, and endotoxic shock. The most common "minor" complications include: infection, bleeding, fever, second-degree burns, chronic abdominal pain, vomiting, gastro-intestinal disturbances, and Rh sensitization.